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image: Triceps Brachii
Triceps Brachii

Triceps Brachii

 Action :

  • Chief extensor of forearm.
  • Long head steadies head of abducted humerus.

Origin :

  • Long head: Infraglenoid tubercle of scapula.
  • Lateral head: Posterior surface of humerus, superior to radial groove.
  • Medial head: Posterior surface of humerus, inferior to radial groove.

Insertion :

  • Proximal end of olecranon process of ulna and fascia of forearm.

Innervation :

  • Radial nerve (C6, C7 and C8).

Arterial Supply :

  • Branches of deep brachial artery.

Depth :

  • Superficial
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