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image: Biceps Femoris
Biceps Femoris

Biceps Femoris

 Articulations :

 Action :

  • Flexes the knee and also rotates the tibia laterally; long head also extends the hip joint.

Origin :

  • Long head from common tendon with semitendinosus from superior medial quadrant of the posterior portion of the ischial tuberosity.
  • Short head from lateral lip of linea aspera, lateral supracondylar ridge of femur and lateral intermuscular septum of thigh.

Insertion :

  • Primarily on fibular head; also on lateral collateral ligament and lateral tibial condyle.

Innervation :

  • Long head by tibial nerve.
  • Short head by common peroneal nerve.

Arterial Supply :

  • Perforating branches of profunda femoris artery,
  • inferior gluteal artery
  • and the superior muscular branches of popliteal artery.

Depth :

  • Superficial
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